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4th of July Birthday Cakes

Whew.....................I'm behind in updating my blog! I did these fun, festive cakes for very good family friends! Their youngest grandbaby just turned 1 on the 4th of July! So red, white & blue were the color of choice! And it only seemed appropriate that we have stars shooting from the cake, just like fireworks! Evidently Miss Addison had too much cake because from the sounds of it she went to bed way past her bedtime :) Sugar High!!!


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Love this sesame street cake! I love the colors, love the details and really loved working with Payal, Sohan's momma! The Birthday Party was at Perot Museum, which is an amazing place and you should definitely go if you haven't been yet!

Happy Birthday Daddy

The month of March is a very busy month in the Panter household. All three of my boys celebrate the Birthday! Adam's is the beginning of March and Bennett & Beau's are at the end of the month. I let the boys help with Adam's cake this year! I of course iced the cake and then made a fondant topper that I let the boys "paint" with edible icing paint. I sure love their creation! A little modern and abstract! Stay tuned for what I have in store for my baby boys birthday cakes!

40th Birthday

This cake turned out just adorable. I love the colors and of course the detailing!